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Yamaha has announced an update to its Revstar series of motorcycle-inspired electric guitars, first released in 2015.

The 2022 series of Revstar electric guitars come in three tiers: Element, Standard, and the topshelf Professional.

The redesigned guitars feature chambered bodies and an in-house acoustic design process that, according to Yamaha, “uses advanced measurement, analysis and modeling tools to design guitar bodies that deliver clear, powerful tone and maximum resonance. “.

The Standard and the Professional share many similarities, both being made by luthiers in Japan. Both come with a choice of custom-wound Alnico V pickups, either humbuckers or P90-style single coils.

A small, but neat detail is the brand’s use of a Hanko stamp – a seal used in place of signatures in parts of Asia – to indicate that the guitar was made in Japan. On the Revstars, this appears behind the headstock, as seen below.

Image: Yamaha

Either model offers additional tone shaping options with specialized controls. On the Professional and Standard this comes with the Focus Switch boost, which is said to crank signals to something reminiscent of an overwound pickup.

Meanwhile, the Element features a dry switch, which engages a high-pass filter for chimney tones that run through the mix. Yamaha says this has the benefit of allowing brighter tones “without the added noise or power drop of conventional coils”.

“The new Revstar series refines this concept with improved playability, versatility and tone, for players interested in classic styling with modern upgrades,” said Dave Miner, product marketing manager for electric guitars at Yamaha. .

Hear them in action below:

The Revstar Professional and Standard will be available at $3,999 and $1,599, respectively. Meanwhile, the item is priced at $999 each.

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