What Are Cheap Electric Guitars Under $200


PHILADELPHIA – If you’re looking for a guitar that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. While most inexpensive electric guitars fall into the “entry-level” category, they still have many features and significant differences from expensive guitars. If you’re ready to buy, keep reading to learn more about the best guitars under $200.

Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 SSS 2PT CM

If you’re looking for an inexpensive electric guitar with a solid body and a single humbucking pickup, look no further than the Charvel Pro-Mod DK22 SESS 2PT CM. This guitar is made in Mexico and features a solid 22-fret body with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup located closest to the bridge and a two-point Gotoh tremolo.

Charvel SUB Cutlass SSS

The Charvel SUB Cutlass SSS is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. This guitar is available in Charcoal Frost or Charcoal, which suits different genres. The affordable price makes it a good buy for the budget conscious guitarist.

Ibanez AZ2204

The Ibanez AZ2204 is a good example of an affordable, comfortable and great playability electric guitar. It is equipped with Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups exclusive to the AZ series of guitars. These pickups have been designed to provide excellent articulation and quick response. They are also optimized for blues rock, hard rock and funk.

Gretsch Broad’Trons

Gretsch Broad’Trons is a versatile guitar with excellent quality, responsiveness and harmonic detail. They can produce expressive lead work, ranging from traditional AC/DC to metal. The G2622 is available in Brownstone Maple, Stirling Green and Walnut Stain finishes. Its bridge and neck pickups are Broad’Tron BT-2S, and the instrument features a compensated chrome wraparound hardtail.

Yamaha Pacifica 112V

The Yamaha Pacifica 112V is an excellent guitar for beginners. The body is alder and the neck is maple. The guitar has a single coil pickup in the bridge position and a neck and middle pickup in the body. The guitar has a well-balanced sound and is suitable for all musical genres.

Hardtail Sun Valley Super Shredder

The Sun Valley Super Shredder is a hardtail electric guitar with a single coil tremolo and carved maple neck. It features two pickups – Black Limba and Zircote – and bolt-on body construction. It also features a fast-playing compound radius fingerboard and offset/reverse circles.

Squire Affinity Telecaster

The Squire Affinity Telecaster is a good choice for guitarists looking for an affordable guitar that can deliver great sound. Its lightweight body and contoured neck make it comfortable to play. Its humbucking pickups and three-way pickup selector make it perfect for lead guitars and soloists. The guitar also comes with a gig bag and additional accessories.

Ibanez SE Standard 24

If you’re looking for an inexpensive electric guitar that still sounds like a pro, you might want to consider an Ibanez SE Standard 24. This guitar comes with a 10-watt amp and tuner, making it a great option for beginners. .

Standard PRS SE 24

When looking for an inexpensive electric guitar that still sounds great, consider the PRS SE Standard 24. This model comes with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and it’s a great choice for fast players. The neck is thin and has a wide fingerboard to maximize playability. It also features a sculpted top and a bonded collar.


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