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Breedlove has always been very proactive in building their guitars from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. 2021 saw the introduction of the Organic series. All solid wood guitars constructed from durable tonewoods.

2022 brings us the new ECO collection.

Breedlove has developed a process to integrate three layers of tonewood – sustainably harvested from forests visited by Breedlove owner Tom Bedell – avoiding the soft center core that dampens sound on other laminates.

With the Breedlove ECO Collection, for the first time, you can play a tough, eco-friendly guitar with vibrant, renewable, sound-enhancing EcoTonewood back and sides. The new Breedlove Designed in Bend Discovery S, Pursuit Exotic S and Rainforest S models in all-African mahogany will feature this fully durable integrated tonewood technology.

No clear cut wood is used in the new 2022 Breedlove guitars.


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