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The Winter NAMM Show will be over and dusted by the time you read this, but if you missed coverage of the biggest event on the musical instrument industry calendar, you’ll find it all here. But first, here are some of the best new acoustic guitars to get excited about in 2019…

Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

With its American Performer series released last year, Fender’s first big launch of 2019 shocked everyone by being, first and foremost, an American-made acoustic guitar. However, the reality is not so simple, and much more interesting.

The result of three years of R&D, the American Acoustasonic Telecaster is designed to provide performers with high-quality acoustic and electric tones thanks to the custom-built Fishman/Fender acoustic engine. With the ability to mix the two to your liking, the Acoustasonic Telecaster’s small body minimizes the risk of stage feedback, while Fender’s new String Instrument Resonance System (SIRS) ensures the guitar always delivers the resonance and lively harmonics you expect from a good acoustic. And with a mahogany Telecaster neck, it also looks familiar.

The Acoustasonic Telecaster may not be the first high-end electric/acoustic hybrid, but it’s a bold change of pace for the world’s greatest guitar company and a fascinating musical tool.

Sheeran Guitars by Lowden

Lowden’s new collaboration with Ed Sheeran was one of the highlights of NAMM 2019.

Unveiled at a limited press event before the show opened, the singer-songwriter revealed his goal was to “make these quality guitars, but make them slightly more affordable.”

the shape of you The singer also revealed that the new models would be competitively priced: “It’s definitely not a beginner’s guitar, it’s not like a $100 guitar or anything like that. It’s the same price as all the guitars like the first guitar I bought, exactly the same price as that. The guitars are rumored to cost around £600.

Martin Modern Deluxe Series

Martin kicked off 2019 with the Modern Deluxe Series – a new take on the brand’s Vintage Series. Offered in D-18, D-28, 000-28, and OM-28 sizes, each guitar features a Sitka Vintage Tone System (VTS) spruce top, VTS Adirondack spruce braces, and construction formulated with natural proteins to produce “the rich, fully aged Martin tone that has inspired generations”. Modern tweaks include a redesigned neck shape with a slightly asymmetrical contour, a lighter titanium truss bar and bridge plate The company has also revised its Dreadnought Jr and Road series, as well as a trio of new angled shoulder dreadnoughts.

Godin Rialto

Canadian company Godin promises that 2019 will be its “most ambitious year yet” and it kicks off in style with the first-ever line of Godin-branded acoustic guitars. The most eye-catching example of the new lineup is the Rialto, named after a renowned movie theater at the company’s Montreal headquarters. In a striking Satina gray and with top-mounted tone and volume controls, it sits on the border between acoustic and electric guitars. Time will tell if the sounds match the quirky looks.

Ancient Kauri of Santa Cruz 000

Ancient Kauri of Santa Cruz 000

The centerpiece of the Santa Cruz NAMM guitar looks stunning in that beautiful burst red finish, but it’s what’s under the Ancient Kauri’s lacquer that’s truly special. The back, sides, rosette and headstock overlay of the guitar are made from an ancient Kauri tree which is radiocarbon dated at 45,000 years old.

The tree, buried during the last Great Cataclysm and deprived of oxygen, was preserved until it was dug up in New Zealand in the early 2000s and then purchased by Santa Cruz. The top wood is made of “Tunnel 13” redwood harvested in Oregon’s Siskiyou Mountains from the wreckage of the “Last Great Western Train Robbery” in 1923. Old wood and the Wild West come together in a great guitar? Very cool indeed.

Eastman Double Top Series

Eastman has unveiled the Double Top Series, an innovative take on the classic flat top design. With a unique modification of their finest tonewoods, these guitars are touted as more resonant, responsive, and offer better clarity and note balance.

Double Top models feature a pair of one millimeter thick spruce slabs joined by Nomex. The latter is a honeycomb-like resinous substance – patented by DuPont – that was originally designed for use in the aerospace industry. It functions as a rigid wall between the two spruce pieces, adding layers of density and depth.

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