Steve Vai will auction off electric guitars and gear from his entire career


We’ve seen our fair share of auctions over the past few years, but this one is sure to pique the interest of guitar fans above all else: Steve Vai has announced that he will be auctioning off a huge range of equipment he collected and used. throughout his career.

Organized by Julien’s Auctions, the gigantic event has been dubbed “Property of Steve Vai’s Archives”, with the auction taking place on November 12 in New York and online.

A portion of the proceeds will go to support Kicking the Stigma, a charity that works to raise awareness of mental health disorders and eliminate the stigma surrounding these illnesses.

Where to start? Steve Vai’s auction is full of goodies that will have most guitar fans frothing, with a collection including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar amps, effects pedals, handwritten music and more Again. In total, more than 300 items from Vai’s archives will be sold at the auction.

The guitar department is led by over 40 individual instruments, some six-stringed carrying more illustrious histories than others. Topping the list is the Ibanez JEM77 “Sofia” played by Vai in 2011, which he used on the Experience Hendrix tour that same year.

Sporting a striking and sporty aesthetic created following a design competition organized by Vai and Ibanez, only two Sofia models were made – one for Vai and one for designer Alessandro Serrago. Vai took it on stage for the Experience Hendrix Tour shows and used it for a handful of other gigs around this time.

It is joined by many other JEM models, with the 2005 “Ode” model serving as a standout example. The Mirror Face Guitar was part of the first batch of these six strings delivered to Vai for use on the true illusions round. Said to be the “cleanest, pristine” model from that era, the Ax saw plenty of stage action through 2005.

Another notable JEM – of which there are many in the auction catalog – is a Vai-signed JEM 7VP “Paulie” prototype, which has been hand-labeled “First Prototype” and dated on the back of the doll by Vai himself.

There are also other eye-catching additions to the roster, including Lonklin’s custom Cobra seven-string that was gifted to Vai by Bill Conklin in the late 80s and early 90s, as well as the Ibanez STW double neck from 1999 – a rare piece that never made it into the Ibanez catalog.

Other honorable mentions have to go to the 2012 Evo IV backup model – which was used extensively in rehearsals as a back-up to the Evo model – and Vai’s 1992 Ibanez Nomad Acoustic Electric Guitar, which he used during his performance at the 2002 Grammy Awards after his guitar amp failed him. in the night.

The Property from the Archives of Steve Vai also has a handful of effects pedals in its ranks, the main one being an Ibanez JEMINI distortion pedal. Only six prototypes were made, and all of them can be found in the auction lot.

As for amps and other effects, a Carvin Vai Legacy “Mothership” half-stack – used extensively in The Mothership studio – can be found in the catalog, as can one of the old Fractal Audio Axe-processors and pedalboards. Fx from Vai.

Elsewhere, the catalog also includes stage-worn outfits, handwritten sheet music, transcription notes and even Vai’s own “Vai Mobile” motorcycle.

The auction will take place on November 14.

To find out more, and browse everything, go to Julien’s Auctions (opens in a new tab).


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