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OM and Auditorium Acoustic Guitars for Sale on Reverb

OM and auditorium guitars are considered by many to be the ultimate acoustic guitar. Sitting somewhere between a dreadnought and a tenor, the OM and auditorium style acoustics provide enough low end, high end and projection to perform the duties of a live acoustic performance. They also make the perfect guitar for singer-songwriters of any genre.

Find OM and auditorium guitars on Reverb from top brands like Taylor, Martin, Gibson and more.

What are OM and auditorium acoustic guitars?

Orchestra guitar models are mid-size acoustic guitars that offer more presence than parlor guitars, but less bass than larger models. Grand Auditorium guitars are slightly larger and naturally a little louder, but still smaller and quieter than dreadnought guitars.

What does OM mean in guitars?

OM in acoustic guitars stands for “orchestra model” guitars.

What is the difference between an OM guitar and an acoustic dreadnought?

When it comes to OM and dreadnought guitars, the main difference is size. OM guitars and dreadnoughts are about the same width. However, OM guitars are smaller in size. OM guitars have a wonderful, full tone and presence, but dreadnought guitars have more bass.

OM Acoustic Guitars and Auditorium nearby

To browse exclusive OM and auditorium acoustic guitars near you, check out the list of major cities and countries available on Reverb to search in your desired location. You can also view shipping details in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.


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