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Canadian guitar makers Norman Guitars have unveiled redesigns to their Norman line of acoustic guitars. According to the company, these refreshed models bring modernized design features, while honoring the brand’s four decades of heritage.

The revamped range offers eight acoustic models, each varying in body types and sizes, finishes and electronics.

B18 Parlor Cherry Burst GT Q-Discrete

This model is a small-sized acoustic with a Canadian cherry body, solid Sitka spruce top and silver maple neck. Referred to by the company as the Cherry Bomb, this electro-acoustic uses Q-Discrete pickups as well as electric guitar volume and tone knobs on its body.

B18 CW MJ Cherry Burst A/E

b18 norman guitars

Like the Cherry Bomb, this electro-acoustic mini-jumbo features a Canadian cherry body, Sitka spruce top and silver maple neck. Despite its “mini” label, the scale length of the guitar is 25.5 inches and its nut is a slim 1.72 inches wide. This model is equipped with a Fishman Sonitone preamp system for amplification and is finished in a semi-gloss cherry sheen.

B20 Natural GT ITQ

b20 norman guitars

This electro-acoustic dreadnought features a Canadian birch body, a glossy solid Sitka spruce top and a silver maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. In terms of hardware and electronics, this guitar uses a Graph Tech saddle and nut, as well as an onboard Custom Godin QIT system, which features EQ and a frequency control range that has been contoured to provide rich, full sound.

B50 12 Natural SG Element

b50 norman guitars

This is the Norman Line’s 12-string electro-acoustic model – originally designed for Serge Fiori of Quebec progressive rock band Harmonium. The B50 12 Natural SG Element features a solid flame maple back and Sitka spruce top, along with a flame maple neck and Richlite fingerboard. Rounding out the spec sheet is LR Baggs’ Element pickup system.

ST30 Havana Burst Element

norman guitars st30

This durable electro-acoustic features a solid mahogany body and solid cedar top paired with a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Its construction uses Atelier de Godin compound taper bracing, which the company says provides “optimal stiffness, deflection, and structural stability.” Like the 12-string B50, this guitar also features a built-in LR Baggs Element system for plugging into amplifiers or PAs.

ST40 CW Natural HG Element

norman guitars st40 cutaway

The cutaway model in the series, the ST40 offers easy access for soloing to the higher frets of its mahogany neck. Its solid mahogany back is matched with a Sitka spruce top, which the company says provides “balanced clarity.” The ST40 is also easily recordable via DI as it has a built-in LR Baggs Element system.

Anthem ST50 Cherry Burst HG

norman guitars st50

Norman Guitars designed this model to inspire “the player with pen and paper in hand”, featuring a solid flame maple body, solid spruce top, and rich-sounding flame maple neck. This model uses an LR Baggs Anthem system – which is highly noise resistant to eliminate the box-like tonal qualities associated with some soundhole pickups.

ST68 MJ Natural HG Anthem

Norman guitars st68

This refresh of Norman’s ST68 mini-jumbo features a solid rosewood body, solid Sitka spruce top and durable mahogany neck. Its Richlite fingerboard has been adorned with custom inlays, along with a sturdy Graph Tech nut. Like the ST50, this electro-acoustic has been fitted with LR Baggs’ anti-feedback Anthem acoustic system.

Norman Line models cost between $549 and $1695. Learn more at

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