NAMM 2022: Taylor Adds Stunning All-Koa Acoustic Guitars to Its 700 Series


There are not many curiosities in the world of acoustic guitars as beautiful as a koa table; bold flame abounds, but tonality can be just as impressive. Especially now, two all-koa models have been added to Taylor’s 700 series.

700 guitars were previously exclusively a rosewood/spruce-top affair, so the Auditorium 724ce and Grand Concert 722ce guitars bring a bold new Hawaiian flavor to the line. And with the exception of the Builder’s Edition 717, the new koa 700s will replace the rosewood/spruce 700 series models.


724ce (Image credit: Taylor)

These new electro-acoustic models feature a new “selective grade” Hawaiian koa wood, and Taylor master builder Andy Powers designed the guitars with an ultra-thin matte finish and modified back brace pattern. to produce a “more punchy, more vibrant and more reflective koa guitar for the player”.

“For nearly 40 years, Taylor has built a reputation for crafting beautifully figured Koa Series guitars,” says Powers. “But a lot of fantastic-sounding koa wood comes from trees that don’t have a deeply figured grain.


722ce (Image credit: Taylor)

“If a Koa Series guitar is a perfectly brewed cappuccino, these new all-koa 700s would be more like an excellent pour-over coffee with well-roasted beans, presented in the most direct way possible for the purest experience of koa.You get all the flavor, with minimal filtering.

We’ll drink to that! The premium koa sets featured on the 700 series come from trees that grow straighter and contain “variegated hues and beautiful stripes”. So how does Taylor get all these special trees? Well, as we already know, Taylor is heavily invested in conservation and sustainability.

Its Hawaii-based forest stewardship partnership with longtime supply partner Pacific Rim Tonewoods in their joint venture, Siglo Tonewoods, works with large landowners in Hawaii through stewardship conservation contracts, which allow Siglo to then harvest a certain number of koa. And in return, Siglo invests the dollar-for-dollar value of that wood in improvement projects to restore native Hawaiian forests.


(Image credit: Taylor)

Stunning guitars that are also an investment in the environment. For Andy Powers, these guitars are all dedicated to the famous koa.

“I was thinking about these guitars from the outside in,” he explains. “With the ultra-thin finish, you can feel the real wood texture, grain structure, pores. You’ll also hear more tactile elements of your playing – more of your fingertips, a pick touching the strings, the subtle nuance of a guitarist’s natural sound. I consider this a reflective version for the player of a koa guitar – you get more control over your sound.


(Image credit: Taylor)

Decorative elements that rely on this foundation are always natural materials. Both the 724ce and 722ce feature rosewood binding (including a bound rosette), paua/rosewood shell rosette, maple/rosewood top edge trim, and mahogany pickguard. dark stained maple.

The guitars also feature a new low-profile mother-of-pearl “Fountain” inlay pattern. Tuners are Taylor polished bronze.


(Image credit: Taylor)

The Grand Auditorium 724ce is $3,499 and the Grand Concert 722ce is also $3,499. Both guitars feature Taylor’s Expression System 2 and come with Taylor Deluxe brown hard cases.

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