NAMM 2020: Yamaha launches 6 contemporary nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars for performers


NAM 2020: Yamaha has announced a new line of nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars, the NX Series, which includes six distinct models with contemporary body shapes.

The series is divided into two lines – NTX and NCX – each with three models with different specifications.

NTX models are designed primarily for acoustic electric and steel-string players looking to venture into the world of nylon-string guitars. With thinner bodies, shallower neck profiles, and narrower fingerboards than classical guitars, these models will provide a more familiar playing experience for beginner and intermediate nylon-string players.

(Image credit: Yamaha)

NCX models have classic-style neck profiles and fingerboards and are aimed at more experienced nylon-string players looking for superior amplified tone.

The NTX3, NTX5, NCX3 and NCX5 models feature Yamaha’s exclusive Atmosfeel preamp and pickup system, featuring an integrated piezo pickup under the saddle with individual string sensors picking up only the mid and low frequencies, eliminating the characteristic fragility of the Piezo. Controls include Mic Blend, Treble EQ and Master Volume controls.

The NTX1 and NCX1 have the same built-in piezo pickup, plus preamps that feature 3-band EQs with adjustable mid frequencies.

Models are expected to ship in Spring 2020 and are priced as follows:

  • NCX5: MSRP: $3,020.00
  • NTX5: MSRP: $3,020.00
  • NCX3: MSRP: $1,700.00
  • NTX3: MSRP: $1,700.00
  • NCX1FM: MSRP: $910.00
  • NCX1: MSRP: $740.00
  • NTX1: MSRP: $740.00

For more information, go to Yamaha.


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