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If you are left-handed, be aware that it is difficult to use products designed for right-handers. Although you can adapt using most products, it is too difficult to play a musical instrument that is not adapted to your needs. If you want to learn a guitar or want to buy a new one, you should opt for special left-handed guitars. There are good options available in acoustic and electric guitars that will allow you to easily play your favorite tunes.

To help you buy a good left-handed guitar, we have a list of some of the most popular acoustic and electric guitar options. Choose the one you like the most and buy a good guitar online.


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When it comes to affordable and durable acoustic guitars, Juarez is one of the most popular options available online in India. This left-handed guitar from the brand has a glossy black finish and comes with 18 frets making it suitable for beginners. The fingerboard is basswood and the fingerboard is ebony. The strings are made of steel and are durable for daily use.

This guitar comes with a complete kit of accessories necessary for beginners. Kit includes guitar gig bag, strap, spare set of guitar strings and 2 guitar picks.

This left handed guitar from Kadence can be another good option that you can consider buying online. The guitar is made primarily from mahogany wood, which makes it durable for regular practice and playing sessions. The neck is made of rosewood and the elegant look of this guitar even makes it ideal for stage performances.

The guitar weighs approximately 3.5 kg and comes without accessories. So you can buy your acoustic guitar accessories according to your needs.

This Acoustic Guitar Kit by Intern can be another good choice to buy online. The guitar has a classic black look with a glossy finish that will give you a great feeling every time you play the guitar. The fingerboard is basswood and the fingerboard is ebony.

The bridge is made of plastic and the guitar kit includes a guitar bag, guitar strap, guitar string set and 3 picks. You can choose from the black and blue colors available when buying a left handed acoustic guitar from Intern.

If you are looking for a complete kit when buying a left handed electric guitar, here is a great option for you. This guitar is crafted from a combination of maple, basswood, and basswood wood that will give you the perfect tone when playing a well-tuned electric guitar. The ladder length is 25.5 inches and the bridge is adjustable. As the hardware is well chrome plated, there is no risk of rust on the metal parts of this guitar.

Although a bit pricey, this guitar kit is worth your money because of the accessories available. Kit includes guitar, portable beginner amplifier, guitar strap, guitar cable, gig bag, tuning fork and 3 guitar picks.

Here is another good electric guitar option from Kadence that is suitable for left-handers. The neck of this guitar is basswood and the fingerboard is rosewood. This guitar comes with 5-way pickup switching options so you can easily play your favorite tunes.

This guitar weighs about 4 kg.

Take a look at more options in left-handed guitars here.

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