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Jumbo-bodied acoustics are among the most recognizable guitars of all time and can be seen in the historical landscape of country, folk and rock music.

With origins dating back to the original SJ-200 of the late 1930s, Gibson remains the primary driver of jumbo acoustic guitar body shape with players like Pete Townshend and Bob Dylan adopting Gibson jumbo acoustics at various phases of their career. In the 1960s, Guild began producing popular 12-string jumbo acoustic guitars like the F512, while today’s market includes jumbo options for major brands like Takamine and Taylor.

What is a jumbo acoustic guitar?

A jumbo acoustic guitar is the largest of all acoustic guitars. They have large, deep bodies, traditionally with round outlines. Since more air moves through the body of a jumbo acoustic guitar, both require and produce more energy (i.e. sound) than smaller body guitars.

What is the difference between a jumbo and dreadnought acoustic guitar?

The main difference between jumbo and dreadnought guitars is size. Although dreadnoughts were the first “big” guitar, jumbo guitars go even further. As a result, they are bigger and louder than a dreadnought guitar. They also have an overall different shape: jumbo guitars have rounder outlines while dreadnoughts are relatively square.

What are jumbo guitars used for?

Jumbo guitars are particularly good for strumming and flatpicking, or with picks. Since jumbo guitars require more energy to produce sound, they are not as ideal for playing with the pads of your fingers. They are popular in folk, country and rock, and fit well in a mix.

How big are jumbo acoustic guitars?

While jumbo acoustic guitar size varies by brand and build, a general size is 20″ long, 4″ deep and 11″ top bout, and 16″ bottom bout.

Jumbo Acoustic Guitars near me

To browse exclusively for jumbo acoustic guitars near you, check out the list of major cities and countries available on Reverb to search for a desired location. You can also view shipping details in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.


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