Instrumental Aluminum is a new company that makes durable electric guitars from, well, aluminum


Guitar brands have a long history of creating products using unconventional materials. Take RainSong – a Washington-based company that specializes in carbon fiber acoustic guitars like the Shorty SG – or even Fender, which two years ago created a Twin Combo Amp using Lucite, or Plexiglas – for the ace. of the blues Joe Bonamassa.

And now, Instrumental Aluminum – a new company whose mission statement is rooted in environmental sustainability – adds its name to this growing list of innovators.

With its hybrid electric guitars partially constructed from recycled aluminum and “responsibly engineered for reduced environmental impact”, the fledgling company aims to become an industry leader in the use of “alternative materials and processes”. .

Instrumental aluminum

(Image credit: Instrumental Aluminum)

Its instruments are constructed using a proprietary vacuum casting process and promise a versatile range of tones, from “warm and mellow to crisp and edgy”, as well as an “overall sustain, resonance and timbre increased” due to the materials used. .

Guitars still have wooden necks and fingerboards, but as the company explains, its design processes reduce the amount of wood needed by 65%.

“We set out to create a better kind of musical instrument brand – one that is purpose-driven and creates exceptional value for our customers, while promoting positive change,” says Mark Fisher, Founder of Instrumental Aluminum .

“With the launch of Instrumental Aluminum, we look forward to filling a void in the space and bringing high quality, durable guitars to consumers around the world.”

Instrumental aluminum

(Image credit: Instrumental Aluminum)

Technical research and development consultant Howie Kittelson assists Mark Fisher with guitar design, who has session experience with Scotty Moore, Waylon Jennings, Peter Frampton, Cheap Trick and more.

Instrumental Aluminum is planning a Kickstarter later this month and will offer its instruments at a discounted price throughout the campaign. He says his first guitars will ship in May 2022.

For more information and to hear the guitars in action, head over to Instrumental Aluminum.


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