Ibanez announces 19 new electric and acoustic guitars


NAM 2020: Ibanez has started its new year well with a slew of new guitar releases ahead of Winter NAMM 2020. The brand added a total of 19 new guitars to its catalog for the January convention this year.

Acoustic Guitars


Picture: Ibanez

The updated AEG series is championed by the AEG200, which sports a solid Sitka spruce top, Okoumé back and sides, nyatoh neck, and Ovangkol bridge and fingerboard. It also comes with an Ibanez T-bar under-saddle pickup and an AEQ-TTS preamp with built-in tuner.

Price (street): $499.99.


Picture: Ibanez

The middle child of the AEG lineup comes with a flame maple top, sapele back and sides, nyatoh neck, and walnut bridge and fingerboard. The AEG70 comes with the same electronics as the AEG200, plus Ibanez Advantage bridge pins and die-cast chrome tuners.

Price (street): $399.99.


Picture: Ibanez

The AEG62 is an entry-level guitar that comes with a sapele top, back and sides. A nyatoh neck and walnut fingerboard complete the wood profile while the electronic setup continues with the Ibanez T-bar and AEQ-TTS.

Price (street): $299.99


Picture: Ibanez

The AEG50 is another entry-level offering but swaps the sapele top of the AEG62 for spruce. It is also available as a nylon string guitar.

Price (street): $299.99

Artwood Series (ACFS580CE, ACFS300CE, AWFS300CE and ACFS380BT)

The new Ibanez Artwood guitars are divided into two concert grand (ACFS580CE and ACFS300CE), a dreadnought (AWFS300CE) and a concert grand baritone (ACFS380BT). All models feature a solid spruce top, five-piece pau ferro/mahogany neck, and pau ferro or okoumé back and sides.

Another consistent feature across all four models is the use of Ibanez’s DP1 preamp and Ibanez’s under-saddle and T-bar block pickup system, which adds pickup at the articulation by the neck. The stereo outputs also allow users to run both pickups via a mono signal or split the undersaddle pickups and block contacts to separate outputs.

Price (street): $1,199 (ACFS580CE), $799.99 (ACFS380BT), $699.99 (AWFS300CE and ACFS300CE)

Electric guitars

AZ2202A Premium

Picture: Ibanez

The first AZ model to feature an all-ash body, the AZ2202A Prestige also comes with an S-Tech roasted maple fingerboard, two Seymour Duncan Hyperion humbuckers, and Ibanez’s dyna-MIX10 switching system, which offers 10 unique pickup combinations for various sound reinforcement options.

Price (street): $2,149.99

AZ2204B Premium

Picture: Ibanez

The AZ2204B Prestige sports the same dyna-MIX10 switching system and Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups as the AZ2202A, but replaces the neck humbucker with two single coils. This Super Strat style guitar also comes with Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners with height adjustable posts and a Gotoh T1802 tremolo bridge.

AZ Premium (AZ226PB, AZ242PB, AZ224BCG, AZ226, AZ242)

All five new AZ Premium guitars come with either a burl poplar or Bocote top, but otherwise continue to feature the same specs as the traditional AZ Premium series, such as basswood bodies, roasted maple necks, Seymour pickups Duncan Hyperion and Gotoh hardware.

Price (Street): $1,349.99 (AZ226PB, AZ242PB, AZ224BCG), $1,299.99 (AZ226, AZ242)

RG Series (limited edition RG6PPBFX Premium, RG1121PB, RG1120PBZ, RG1127PBFX)

The limited edition RG6PPBFX Premium comes with a standard American basswood body and an 11-piece Wizard neck of maple, walnut and purple heart. Its pickups are a set of colored Bare Knuckle Aftermath humbuckers that match the guitar’s Tropical Seafloor finish, and are also wired to a coil switch for added tonal versatility. The RG6PPBFX Premium is one of the few non-multi-scale guitars to feature Ibanez’s mono-rail fixed bridge.

The new regular production RGs feature American basswood bodies, poplar burl tops and 11-piece Wizard necks. DiMarzio Covered Fusion Edge add-on humbuckers can also be tapped like the RG6PPBFX Premium via a switch on the lower body. The seven-string RG1121PB and RG1127PBFX come with mono-rail fixed bridges similar to the RG6PPBFX Premium, while the RG1120PBZ uses the Edge-Zero II tremolo with the dyna-MIX10 switching system.

Price (Street): $1,599.99 (RG6PPBFX Premium), $1,399.99 (RG1120PBZ, RG1127PBFX), $1,299.99 (RG1121PB)

For more information on the new acoustic and electric guitars from Ibanez, click here.


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