Get Final Fantasy XIV Electric Guitars Two Ways

Elves and draconians shred electric guitars, as they do. (Photo: Square Enix/Kotaku)

In a move that makes perfect sense given the amount of electric guitar that appears in the online RPG’s soundtrack, Square Enix has teamed up with Fender to create an official game. Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster, both as a physical instrument you can buy and as a virtual instrument playable in-game. In other news, I’m leveling a new Bard.

Announced during last weekend’s Digital Fan Festival 2021, the Final Fantasy XIV Fender Stratocaster is a limited-edition version of the iconic electric guitar, sporting blue and purple “crystal” accents and a gaming logo on its neck. It’s not the most striking Stratocaster I’ve seen, and it wouldn’t scream Final Fantasy mine if not for the logo. But Fender has been making them for ages and I’m sure it’ll be pretty cool. Pre-orders will open before the end of the year and will ship in early 2022.

A guitar.  (Photo: Fender)A guitar. (Photo: Fender)

Much more exciting for me as Final Fantasy XIV player is the virtual version of the Stratocaster that will soon join the game’s line of bard performance instruments. Players will be able to play music with five different audio tones using the electric guitar, with advanced features such as selection slides and ready-to-use mute effects.


To celebrate the latest addition to FFXIVwhich I hope to launch with the patch 5.5 update on May 25, I created a new character specifically for shredding.

Remember his name.  (Screenshot: Square Enix/Kotaku)Remember his name. (Screenshot: Square Enix/Kotaku)

His name is Raccoon Davis, and while he’s just a lowly archer right now, in eight more levels he’ll be another insufferable Lalafell bard in the ever-growing army. Rock on, my Final Fantasy friends.


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