From eclectic travel to electric guitars: last-minute gifts for Father’s Day


Sonos Ray Soundbar

Sonos Ray soundbar from $279

Whether Dad is an avid gamer or a movie fanatic, send him great sound this Father’s Day with Sono’s all-new Ray soundbar. Get signature Sonos sound in this new format, delivering out-of-the-box clarity and depth with minimal setup. And if the household is already wired to a Sonos network, adding the Ray is super easy, with full support in the Sonos app. The best part: it can be controlled from your existing TV remote. The lost and found household will be a thing of the past. Get it for $279 at Sonos.

Airbnb Gift Card from Airbnb

Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb gift card from $50

Turn the next family vacation into an adventure. With Airbnb’s vibrant network of friendly hosts, exciting experiences, and incredible accommodations, treat Dad to the adventure of a lifetime. Airbnb’s latest updates include the ability to bundle different accommodations into a single trip, sort accommodations by features like views, pools, and bed type, as well as book comfortably knowing that every travel is protected with AirCover, a suite of anti-stress solutions. features such as the get what you book guarantee and a 24-hour helpline, ensuring your trip goes exactly as planned. Get it from $50 at Airbnb.

Dollar Shave Club Father’s Day Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club Father's Day Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club Father’s Day Gift Set from $35

The classic Father’s Day gift is still a great choice. Give away Dollar Shave Club’s buttery smooth shave featuring 6 blade refills, a heavy matte black handle with rubber grip, a pre-shave exfoliating scrub for the closest shave, and a shave butter for a smooth glide. The sex gift includes four 6-blade razors, the Club Series handle, shave butter, prep scrub, and post-shave dew. Get it for $35 at Dollar Shave Club.

SmartBidet SmartBidet Over Toilet Bidet

SmartBidet SmartBidet Over Toilet Bidet

SmartBidet SmartBidet Toilet Top Bidet starting at $249

Simplify and enhance your bathroom experience with SmartBidet’s line of toilet seat replacement bidets. These sleek and powerful devices can be installed without a plumber but offer all the convenience and hygiene capabilities of stand-alone bidets. Unlike other devices at this price, the SmartBidets offer on-demand hot water and temperature-controlled heat washing and drying as well as varied water positions and pressures for comfort and cleanliness. ideals. There’s even a heated seat. The unit replaces your current toilet seat and lid and simply plugs into a wall outlet. Get it for $249 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Fender Player Plus Meteora® Electric Guitar

Fender Player Plus Meteora® Electric Guitar

Fender Player Plus Meteora® Electric Guitar from $1,149.99

Let the father of your life indulge his musical side with this electric guitar from Fender. It features an innovative Fender design with player-centric features, so he’ll be playing like a legend in no time. The guitar features a set of powerful Fireballs™, an S-1™ switch to activate coil splitting, and a 2-point tremolo to provide classic vibrato effects for fiery jamming. We also always recommend the Mustang Micro with a guitar purchase. Mustang Micro is a complete personal guitar amplifier in plug-and-play format. Get the Mustang Micro for $119.99 and the Meteora starting at $1,149.99, both from Fender.

The Daily Intentional Journal of Centered Thoughts

The Daily Intention Journal by Centered Thoughts

The Daily Intention Journal by Centered Thoughts from $20.90

Fathers have an incredible amount of responsibilities inside and outside the home. Often they don’t have time to pause and relax in a meaningful way. Give time and peace with the Daily Intention Journal, which gives busy dads a bit of focus and thought. Offering a blend of practical life advice and thought-provoking inspiration in a physical format, The Daily Intention Journal’s ultimate goal is to create a lifetime of good habits grounded in the present moment. Get it for $20.90 at Centered Thoughts.


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