Fender’s California Series acoustic guitars are ideal for beginners


Lyrics by Alex Marcocci

Celebrating the culture of the brand’s Southern California roots!

Originally launched in 2018, Fender’s California series of energetic, indie acoustic guitars continue to grow every year. Celebrating the culture of the brand’s Southern California roots, this lively and modern guitar family is perfect for beginners.

What do you want to know:

  • The Fender California Series of energetic, independent acoustic guitars continues to grow every year.
  • It celebrates the culture of the brand’s Southern Californian roots.
  • New learners can download the Fender Play app to engage in a song-based, step-by-step approach to learning.

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Combining vibrant colors, inspired by the Californian lifestyle, this one-of-a-kind series defies classic acoustic guitar conventions. Featuring Stratocaster headstocks and distinctive Fender body shapes, they mark players as visionary performers. Body shapes are unique to Fender with a vintage-inspired look and modern tonal characteristics.

The pandemic has seen 16 million new players learn to play guitar in the United States. These new learners can download the Fender Play app to engage in a step-by-step, song-based approach to the nuances that come with developing their guitar-playing skills: in turn, creating a new wave of musicians.

For new players, key features include three exclusive body shapes to suit every new player with three different options to choose from: Malibu, Newporter and the Redondo.

A built-in digital tuner is included to enable perfectly tuned sound, there’s a Fishman CD-1 pickup and preamp system for plugging into an amp, and six in-line tuners on the Fender headstock instantly recognizable, making it’s easier to tune your guitar while playing.

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