Fender Unveils New American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster Acoustic Guitars


Fender unveiled the original Jazzmaster guitar in 1958 to appeal to professional jazz guitarists. The size-offset body made the guitar more playable and balanced in a seated position, as jazz guitarists often were. But in an unlikely turn of events, the distinctive Jazzmaster became a surf guitar staple of the 1960s, later landing in the rock hands of Pete Townsend (The Who).

He then switched to the punk and new wave scene of the 1970s alternately with Tom Verlaine (Television), Robert Smith (The Cure), Lee Renaldo (Sonic Youth), and quickly continued in the late 1980s and 1990s with the sonic heavyweights Bilinda Butcher (My Bloody Valentine), J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) and Johnny Marr (The Smiths). Today, it’s the premier instrument of contemporary performers like Chelsea Wolfe, Kurt Vile, Lindsay Jorden (Snail Mail) and AJ Haynes (Seratones).

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Ahead of its time, the cult classic Jazzmaster is back, now encapsulating the best of the acoustic and electric guitar worlds with the Fender American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster Acoustic Guitar series. The new series, engineered with Acoustasonic technology, allows Jazzmaster players to further optimize the guitar’s legendary feel while blending pristine acoustic and electric tones. Here are some of the highlights you can expect from the new Jazzmaster series, which is available to order now.

An acoustic guitar for the modern age

The sleek, minimal design features just three controls: volume, modulation knob, and a five-position rocker. The combined effect allows for dramatic shifts between rich acoustic tones and loud feedback, but with the precision needed to strike the right balance anywhere in between. It’s complete with a slim ebony fingerboard, contoured mahogany body, and a generous cutaway at the bottom, giving easy access to the upper frets.

New Hybrid Guitars Offer Versatility

The Jazzmaster silhouette joins the Stratocaster and Telecaster family in a line of new hybrid guitars built with the Acoustic Engine designed by Fender and Fishman. A proprietary blend of classic and future analog technologies optimize the guitar’s natural sound, then alter the resonance to deliver an organized collection of voices. The series, designed for all volume levels, enables creativity without any unwanted hollow body feedback issues.

A smooth gaming experience

Effortlessly switch between an assortment of rich, generous acoustic warmth or electric Jazzmaster tone at your leisure, without ever having to switch guitars. And the Jazzmaster model has an extra punch that the others don’t: the Tim Shaw electric humbucker, designed for extra grit and the thickest sound in the series.

More Highlights of the Fender American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster Acoustic Guitar

  • While staying true to the classic Jazzmaster silhouette, the acoustic body is no thicker than the standard electric, allowing for easy playability.
  • Switch between five pairs of unique voices – a total of 10 acoustic and electric tones – which can be played solo or mixed
  • Blend (Mod) dial for further tonal sculpting
  • Three pickup systems: the Fender Acoustasonic “Shawbucker”; Fishman under-saddle transducer and Fishman acoustic amplifier
  • The Jazzmaster style offers the most intense electric sound yet in the Acoustasonic series, driven by a powerful Tim Shaw-designed humbucking pickup.
  • Mahogany body, ebony fingerboard and matte satin finish
  • Patented String Instrument Resonance System (SIRS)
  • Five stunning finishes to choose from: Ocean Turquoise, Natural, Tungsten, Tobacco Sunburst and Arctic White

The new American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster acoustic guitar is available now through Adorama.

Feature image courtesy of Fender

Sarah Landeau

Sarah Landeau

Sara is a guitarist, bassist, drummer, educator, music program coordinator, producer, engineer, music director, composer, and artist living in New York City.


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