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Electric guitars have come to define the very soul of rock, country, and countless other genres of popular music. With brands like Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, Gretsch and others elevating and perfecting the format in the 50s, electric guitars have evolved over the decades with new designs constantly pushing the instrument into new territory.

In the 80s, brands like Charvel, Kramer and Ibanez dominated the scene with smooth “shredder” guitars. In the 90s, makers like Paul Reed Smith helped lay the foundations for a movement of boutique builders that brought the art of guitar building to its current height.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s instrument or a high-end masterpiece, find deals on new, used, vintage and boutique electric guitars in our marketplace.

What are electric guitars?

Electric string instruments are most traditionally played by being carried on the shoulder (or balanced on the knee), fretted with one hand, and plucked or strummed with the other. As the strings are played, magnetic pickups take the sound and send it to an amplifier to make it louder. They have been popular in music since the mid-1900s.

What is the best electric guitar for beginners?

The best beginner electric guitar is one that isn’t too expensive, is comfortable for the player, has a decent quality build, and makes the player want to play! For a first electric guitar, we recommend looking for starter guitar kits that come with a guitar and amplifier, strap, cables, and often a lesson book.

How much do electric guitars typically cost?

There is no single, unique answer. Prices vary depending on brand, build quality and other factors. Typically, the price of an electric guitar ranges from $100 for an entry-level instrument to several thousand dollars for collectibles.

What is the electric guitar made of?

Electric guitars can be made from a variety of materials, but most guitars are made from woods like ash, mahogany, maple, sitka spruce, etc.

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To exclusively browse electric guitars near you, check out the list of top cities and countries available on Reverb to search in your desired location. You can also view shipping details in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.


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