Does Gibson plan to release any aged acoustic guitars by Murphy Lab next? |


Gibson Brands President Cesar Gueikian may have revealed a line of artificially aged acoustic guitars – possibly by the Murphy Lab – in the works.

In a series of recent Instagram Stories, Gueikian appears to show off two older Gibson acoustic guitar models resembling a Hummingbird and a relic J-45, respectively.

Gibson Custom Shop labels can be roughly distinguished in the sound holes of both models, signaling that these relic acoustics may be made available as a premium offering in the future.

Finish verification can be seen in the finish of both models, but other details cannot be confirmed.

Credit: Cesar Gueikian Official Instagram

Aged J45
Credit: Cesar Gueikian Official Instagram

This isn’t the first time Gueikian has given Gibson aficionados a sneak peek of upcoming gear, having already revealed the Adam Jones Silverburst Les Paul Custom in a video last year.

Gibson recently released several limited edition acoustic guitars in collaboration with The Everly Brothers and Cat Stevens. The Everly Brothers SJ-200 and Cat Stevens J-180 Collector’s Edition acoustic guitars were both limited to 50 units available worldwide and were designed based on the signature acoustic guitars of artists from the same brand.

The guitar brand also recently launched its first-ever music scholarship program, which is expected to provide funding to more than 15 students, as well as provide them with equipment and instruments. Gibson states that the scholarship is available to students with an interest in the guitar, who plan to pursue some form of music in college and will be available to high school students who are about to embark on their graduate studies and their career.


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