Breedlove Launches Sustainable EcoTonewood Technology With New Eco Collection Acoustic Guitars


It’s no secret that, especially in recent years, pressure has intensified for luthiers and companies to move away from the traditional woods used in the manufacture of acoustic guitars in the name of preserving the environment. .

For its part, Breedlove has been one of the most prominent manufacturers of this movement, placing durability at the center of its constructions.

Now, the company has taken another big step in that direction with the unveiling of its new collection of Eco Acoustic Guitars, centered around the company’s EcoTonewood technology.

So what is EcoTonewood? According to Breedlove, this is a design that replaces the soft center core typically found in laminate constructions with a layer of individually harvested African mahogany. The company says the effect of this design is three-fold – providing three layers of real wood, giving the acoustics a punchier midrange, and making the laminate construction more durable.

The company is launching the technology in a trio of new acoustic guitar lines – the Discovery S, Pursuit Exotic S and Rainforest S.

Comprised of 17 new models in total, the Discovery S acoustic features slim neck profiles, narrow nut widths and pinless Delta bridges for easy string changing. With prices for all models under $500, Breedlove aims to be top-notch acoustic guitars for beginners.

Breedlove Discovery S Companion Edgeburst CE Acoustic Guitar

Breedlove Discovery S Companion Edgeburst CE (Image credit: Breedlove Guitars)

The mid-priced Pursuit Exotic S series, meanwhile, includes 11 models, all featuring TUSQ nuts, saddles and Fishman Presys I electronics with an onboard tuner and volume, contour and phase controls.

Finally, there are four Rainforest S models, priced between the Discovery S and Pursuit Exotic S ranges. Constructed from all-African mahogany, the guitars feature striking finishes and Fishman Presys I electronics with a built-in tuner and tone controls. volume, contour and phase.

New Acoustic Pursuit Exotic S Companion Tiger's Eye CE from Breedlove

Breedlove Pursuit Exotic S Companion Tiger Eye CE (Image credit: Breedlove Guitars)

Available now, Breedlove’s new Eco Collection acoustics range from $399 in the Discovery S series to $1,299, for the Pursuit Exotic S Concert Edgeburst CE.

For more information on guitars, stop by Breedlove.

Breedlove's new Rainforest S Concert Papillon CE Acoustic

Breedlove Rainforest S Concert Butterfly CE (Image credit: Breedlove Guitars)

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