Best Gretsch Guitars of May 2022


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Quick List of the Best Gretsch Guitars

The Gretsch brand has been around since 1883 when Friedrich Gretsch began making a variety of instruments including banjos, drums and tambourines. They made a name for themselves in the guitar market in the 1950s when they teamed up with famous country guitarist Chet Atkins to create his now classic 6120 hollowbody model. In the mid-60s, George Harrison of The Beatles became famous for playing Gretsch guitars, which really made them a household name and further increased their success. These guitars are typically made at Fender’s Corona, California factory. The deal was great for the brand because it tapped into Fender’s enormous global resources to give them global reach.

Prior to this time, all electric guitars used single-coil pickups, which had significant hum issues. Although there is some debate, Gretsch engineer Ray Butts may have created the first “humbucker” pickup by stacking two single coils on top of each other, eliminating the hum problem that pickups had until -the. These guitars are typically made at Fender’s Corona, California factory. The deal was great for the brand because it tapped into Fender’s enormous global resources to give them global reach.

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Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Bass II

The rosewood fingerboard features mother-of-pearl position markers and white dots on the side of the neck, but with only 20 frets available, there’s no need to worry about getting lost – most positions are easy to find. reach. The four-bolt neck bag provides stable attachment with no visible gap between neck and body.

The general perception is that instruments with short ranges, especially basses, sacrifice some tonal aspects in the name of the comfort that the shorter range provides to the player. This is because the voice length of the chord is shorter, but the Junior Jet is not a sound lobe. Right off the bat, the sound from both pickups is clear and punchy. Although there isn’t much power, the passive pickups do a decent job of conveying the tone of the instrument.

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Gretsch G2215-P90

Things get really interesting on the pickups when Gretsch mixes and matches a BT-2S humbucker in the bridge position with a Soapbar P-90 in the neck. The BT-2S is a redesigned Broad’Tron specifically designed for the Streamliner series. The control layout is a bit odd, with a shoulder-mounted three-way pickup selector complemented by a volume control on the treble bell and a tone control located at the bottom of the bridge near the headstock. pointing hand.

The only problem, if there is one, is that the P-90 somewhat steals the bridge show from the Broad’Tron, which in itself is a good mic and an excellent choice for rock styles. master key. . , but in comparison, it just lacks the extra star power.

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Gretsch Roots Collection G9201

Gretsch G9201 Honey Dipper Acoustic Resonator Guitar – Weathered Pump House Roof/Rosewood – 2717010000 A strum on the Honey Dipper Roundneck Resonator Guitar takes you back 80 years to a hobo jungle right next to the train tracks, where traveling workers gather in company and the comfort and haunting tones of a real all-metal resonator guitar float through the smoke of burning oil drums, delighting the ears with a sound like raindrops hitting the rusty roof of a pumping station.

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Gretsch G2210

Aside from the headstock, pickguard design, and arguably Gretsch’s sleekest body contour, this G2210 has little in common with the various vintage Gretsch Jet models. In fact, with its flat body and wraparound “Lightning” tailpiece, the G2210 has more in common with a Les Paul Special than a Standard.

The controls are also simplified, in a junior sort, with master volume, master tone and a three-way toggle pickup selector. But the volume control is mounted on the cutaway speaker in true Gretsch style, and the G2210 also includes a pair of full-size Broad’Tron humbuckers.

Mahogany might be the material you’d expect for such a guitar, but instead the body and bolt-on neck are nato. Although unrelated, NATO is sometimes referred to as “Oriental” mahogany and is a time-tested tonewood widely used by guitar makers in Southeast Asia.

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Gretsch G100CE

Traditional hollowbody guitars usually have two pickups, the design of which depends on the model. Gretsch did things a little differently with the G100CE, simply placing a Gretsch-designed single-coil pickup extremely close to the neck – an interesting choice, but one that paid off in the end. The single microphone alone can be enough to turn off a good part of the guitarists. No matter how good the pickup, a single pickup limits the range of the guitar, especially when it’s clamped so close to the neck.

However, Gretsch has created a niche guitar that does a limited range of things but does them very well. With that classic “jazz box” tone, it delivers a rich, full sound whether you’re playing or taking the lead.

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Gretsch G5410T

There’s a pair of Black Top Filter’Tron humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions, and Gretsch outfitted them with treble bleed circuitry, with the traditional master volume control, individual volume controls, and master tone. , as well as a three-way control. toggle switch to select pickups.

Yes, all G arrow controls are present and correct, as are the oversized F holes. The matte finish may be reminiscent of a car primer, the licensed Bigsby B60 True Vibrato is chrome, not gold, but Gretsch still has the style at the forefront, and with the Rat Rod extending to the covers of red vans: the “rear lights”. of the car. It’s a nice touch for petrolheads.

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Final Words: The Best Gretsch Guitars

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