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Check out some of the latest and greatest acoustics in 2022 here!

SE P20

PRS Guitars

The PRS SE P20 is a living room-sized acoustic with a
Strong voice. Boasting traditional lounge features
like soft and medium tone, historical and easy mood
portability, the PRS SE P20 also brings
voice to players. The Hybrid “X”/Classic PRS
bracing locks in the back and sides while
allowing the top to vibrate freely, allowing the
PRS SE P20 to project with an even and bold tone, while
all-mahogany construction provides an organic look
warmth on the guitar. Its small size keeps
play fun and comfortable for hours, so if
writing, saving or executing the P20 is safe

Available in three herringbone satin finishes
rosettes and accents, PRS SE Parlor acoustic look
as good as they sound. Other high quality features
include a solid mahogany top, ebony fingerboard and
bridge, bone nut and nut, as well as PRS
trademark bird inlays and headstock design.

Advanced Acoustic Series


The Advanced Acoustic Series represents a significant step forward in the long and rich tradition of the acoustic guitar. In what amounts to a completely redesigned sonic experience, these instruments have been engineered from the ground up to sound richer, brighter and louder, with unprecedented dynamic range. With slightly larger than usual proportions, Ibanez decided to name this new body shape the “Grand Dreadnought”. This reimagined design results in superb, powerful sound, and thanks to attention to ergonomics, it’s supremely comfortable to play. The Advanced Acoustic Series pushes the acoustic guitar to new heights in a way that promises an exciting experience for all players.

Natura G550RCEL

Left-Handed Guitarists: Mid-priced electro-acoustic with an ergonomic armrest looking for a partner to make great music.

“Wow, the armrest really helps with not cutting off blood flow when I’m practicing and it feels like I’m playing a smaller instrument. Responds well to both intimate playing and has a nice character when you hit it a bit hard; it responds with a good full low end and is always crisp and clear. ~ Sean Harkness, New York

The NATURA G550RCEL is a left-handed electro-acoustic with an ergonomic armrest for added comfort. The G550RCEL is a solid Grand Auditorium Cutaway spruce top with low-mass bracing to reduce weight. It has a focused, harmonically complex voice and is suitable for left-handers looking for the volume of a full-sized instrument and the comfort of a smaller body. A fiberglass reinforced neck ensures a lifetime of neck stability.

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Walden Guitars

Elite Series Hanging Guitar Stand

We love metal at Gator – both the head-hitter and physical types. While our metal stands are great for the stage and studio, they don’t always blend in with their surroundings. Sometimes you need something more elegant and adaptable to the general atmosphere of

your living room or studio furniture, which is exactly what Gator Frameworks Elite Guitar Hanging Stands offer – simplicity with an aesthetic that complements any home or studio decor. These stands satisfy all types of players by providing a comfortable fit for most electric, bass and acoustic guitars. Show off your collection in style!

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Gator Frames

BiX Instrument Preamp, EQ and DI

The Grace Design BiX preamp shares the exact same DNA as its big brothers, FELiX2 and ALiX, but with a smartly streamlined feature set and a price that puts it within reach of any performer, whether on the path to cafe or the Megadome. The BiX offers maximum clarity and detail for any instrument plugged in, with extremely simple controls – input gain, high and low shelving EQ and a variable 10dB boost circuit, with footswitches for mute and amplification. I/O includes an instrument input, separate send and return insert jacks, an unbalanced line output and a balanced ISO DI output on XLR. And BiX is pedalboard compatible, with a 9VDC power input and a compact, rugged low-profile chassis. Visit for details.

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