Best 6-String Electric Guitars for All Music Styles on Amazon India


Play and practice your favorite tunes and improve your guitar skills using these 6-string electric guitars that can be used to play different styles of music.

Whether you are a beginner guitarist looking to hone your playing skills or an expert guitarist looking to add to your guitar collection to create and play new tunes, an electric guitar can be a great option as it is relatively easier to play than acoustic guitar while producing great sound. The strings of an electric guitar are generally thinner and the action is lower, which makes it easier to press down on the strings compared to an acoustic guitar. This is why electric guitars offer greater playability especially for beginners. When buying an electric guitar, comfort and ease of playability as well as the ability to play different types of music is what you are typically looking for. Here we are going to discuss some of the best 6 string electric guitars that allow you to play different styles of music and are easily available online for you to buy!

Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-string electric guitar

This Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-String Electric Guitar features an innovative design that produces high-quality sound to make your guitar songs fascinating and allow you to play different styles of music. This unique design not only enhances the sound of your guitar, but also gives it a really sleek look that you would love to flaunt. The basswood fingerboard and ebony fingerboard provide you comfort in playing the guitar and give it maximum playability. Basswood binding and full wood construction produce incredible sound and give the instrument long durability.

Ibanex GRX-40-BKN 6-String Electric Guitar

The Ibanex GRX-40-BKN 6-String Electric Guitar features a GRX neck that gives you a comfortable and fast playing experience, which can be great for practicing new songs on your guitar and honing your guitar skills. The agathis body of the guitar gives it a good tonal quality and enhances the tone of the sounds produced by it while giving it a solid and durable construction that makes this instrument long lasting. With a medium-sized fret, this instrument offers great playability by allowing you to easily press the strings. It also allows you to switch between treble and bass effortlessly to play a good sound on your guitar. The chrome hardware adds to the durability of the instrument giving it a tough and solid design.

Fender Squier 0370005506 bullet fat stratocaster 6-string electric guitar

This Fender Squier 0370005506 bullet fat stratocaster 6-string electric guitar comes with a vintage-inspired synchronized tremolo bridge that lets you raise or lower their string tension with a special tremolo bar and lets you move the pitch up and down to create different tracks and play them on your guitar. The pitch change is known as the vibrato effect which is commonly used in the rock genre and allows you to play different styles of music to help you practice and hone your playing skills. The rosewood fingerboard provides a organic tactile experience to the player which helps to play the tunes with ease producing a smooth and warm sound and also gives an attractive look to your electric guitar. The traditional squier bullet single coil triple strat configuration gives you a powerful and versatile platform for playing different styles of music. With a comfortable “C”-shaped neck, you get a vintage-style playing feel, and the guitar’s oval shape makes it suitable for players with small hands. This comfortable and user-friendly design makes this instrument ideal for playing different types of music styles with ease.

Rockjam Full Size Electric Guitar

This Rockjam full size electric guitar comes with lugs cut into its design that help reach high frets, allowing for easy and comfortable playability. The maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and elegantly contoured basswood body together produce bright, lively tones and give your guitar a high quality sound. With a 5 position pickup selector, 3 single coil pickups, 1 volume and 2 tone controls, this instrument gives you complete control over the tracks by allowing you to select different pickup combinations and control volume and tone sound. The classic body design and black diamond finish provide an attractive, sleek look that looks great while playing in front of an audience.


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