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Baritone Electric Guitars for Sale on Reverb

The baritone electric guitar has popped up in everything from surf rock to metal to movie soundtracks to westerns. And the baritone guitar makes appearances in all kinds of popular music more often than you might think: John Petrucci, Alex Turner, Dave Matthews, Glen Campbell, Claudio Sanchez and many more are known to play baritone electric guitars.

What is a baritone electric guitar?

A 6-string baritone electric guitar is an electric guitar with a longer scale length and heavier strings, tuned like a standard guitar, but down. They are known as an extended range instrument and are renowned for creating a bass and full sound.

What is the tuning of a baritone electric guitar?

The most common baritone electric guitar chord is down a perfect fourth: BEADF#-B. Many baritone electric guitar strings are sold with this tuning in mind. However, the baritone guitar can be tuned any way you like, including perfect fifths (ADGCEA), major thirds (CF-Bb-Eb-GC) open A (AEAEAC#), or even Half-Nashville tuning ( BEAD F#-B, where A and D are an octave higher than standard baritone tuning).

Who plays baritone electric guitar?

Famous baritone guitarists include Duane Eddy, Brian Wilson, Jimmie Rodgers, John Petrucci, Alex Turner, Dave Matthews, Glen Campbell, Claudio Sanchez, Emma Ruth Rundle, Ani DiFranco, etc.

What is the difference between baritone electric guitars and classical electric guitars?

Compared to standard six-string electric guitars, baritone electric guitars have a longer scale length and are tuned lower than a standard electric guitar. Other than that, they’re very similar instruments, and any guitarist could easily pick up a baritone electric guitar and feel comfortable playing it.

Baritone Electric Guitars near me

To exclusively browse baritone electric guitars near you, check out the list of top cities and countries available on Reverb to search in your desired location. You can also view shipping details in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.


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