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Baritone Acoustic Guitars for Sale on Reverb

Baritone acoustic guitars can add a depth and warmth to your music not possible on a standard six-string. Musicians from Ani DiFranco to Dave Matthews have used them extensively on their own recordings, including Dave Matthews Band’s “The Space Between” and “Some Devil”.

Whether your genre is folk, jazz, metal, spaghetti western, or anywhere in between, has acoustic baritone guitars that can take your sonic journey to a new level.

What is a baritone acoustic guitar?

A baritone acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar with a longer scale length that is designed to be tuned to a lower pitch than a standard acoustic guitar. It uses different gauges of strings and often has a larger body and stronger internal bracing to allow for the added tension of higher gauge strings.

What is the tuning of a baritone guitar?

The most common tunings for a baritone guitar include:

  • A perfect fourth lower than a standard guitar: B1-E2-A2-D3-F♯3-B3
  • A perfect fifth lower than a standard guitar: A1-D2-G2-C3-E3-A3
  • A perfect third lower than a standard guitar: C2-F2-B♭2-E♭3-G3-C4

There is no standard tuning for a baritone guitar, but there are several popular tunings. The tuning a player uses depends on their guitar and their needs.

Do you need special baritone acoustic guitar strings?

Since baritone guitars use different string gauges than a standard acoustic guitar, you will need special baritone acoustic guitar strings. Common gauge sets include 14-70 and 15-80.

Baritone Acoustic Guitars near me

To exclusively browse baritone acoustic guitars near you, check out the list of major cities and countries available on Reverb to search for a desired location. You can also view shipping details in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.


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