Aristides Announces New Raw Series Electric Guitars


Dutch company Aristides Instruments, which makes guitars using a proprietary – and rather expensive to use – material that the company calls Arium, has unveiled its new Raw Series models, a more budget-friendly version of its branded offerings.

According to the company, “Raw models are unpainted – dyed in the mould, then hand-sanded and sealed. They are of the exact same quality of instrument with a lower cost and shorter build time. Built with the same design by the same people with the same method and high quality standards.This is a great option for someone who doesn’t need a crazy finish.We’re glad guitarists really see the merit both from our unique construction method and our attention to detail, which can now be brought to more people.

All Raw Series guitars are crafted from Arium and feature injection molded one-piece construction for optimal resonance and durability. There are also stainless steel frets, Hipshot hardware, locking tuners, compound spokes and TUSQ nipples, plus milled steel string-thru sustain blocks, translucent backplates and Luminlay side dots. .

The guitars are available in six-, seven- or eight-string versions, as well as straight-range or multi-range iterations, in a choice of satin-textured solid red, blue, pink, orange or charcoal colors.

Additionally, Fishman Fluence Modern or Classic+ rechargeable USB packs are included in the base price. Lundgren or Bare Knuckle pickups for multi-scale instruments are also included in the base price.

Raw Series guitars are offered at a base price of 2190€, or about $2,454.

For more information or to order, go to Aristide Instruments.


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