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Archtop Acoustic Guitars for Sale on Reverb

Archtop acoustic guitars evolved from construction techniques used on mandolins and other stringed instruments in the early 20th century.

Since then the format has remained alive and well with many pioneer luthiers building high end archtops such as John D’Angelico. Archtop acoustic guitars generally do not have spruce tops and, compared to dreadnoughts and other types of acoustic guitars, tend to produce a smooth tone preferred by jazz players.

What is an archtop acoustic guitar?

An archtop acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar with a rounded (or “arched”) top closer to a violin, rather than a traditional flat top. Typically, the top or front of acoustic archtops are carved from a single piece of wood or two pieces that are matched and joined together for a seamless look. Their backs are also often arched and they often have F-holes rather than the traditional round sound holes in the middle of the body, also like a violin.

What are archtop guitars used for?

Archtop acoustic guitars are a versatile instrument, but they are most popular in jazz and country music. They’re also good when you need a lot of volume – archtop acoustics are often louder than even a dreadnought acoustic guitar.

How does the sound of an archtop acoustic guitar differ from a standard such as a dreadnought or parlor guitar?

Compared to dreadnought guitars or parlor guitars, archtop acoustic guitars are often louder with more bass.

Are there small size archtop acoustic guitars?

The standard archtop acoustic guitar has a body width of around 16 inches, but there are several smaller options for players who don’t want such a large guitar. You can also look for an archtop acoustic which has less depth than a standard acoustic, but remember: but the thinner the body, the less volume you will be able to get from the instrument when unplugged. This is fine if you plan on amplifying your acoustic archtop, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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