Amazon is slashing the price of Fender guitars – with a whopping $452 off the Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang!


Wait, we need to check our calendars. No, it’s not quite the time to Black Friday guitar deals to start pouring in right away, so someone might want to tell Amazon. For some reason, the e-commerce giant just started slashing prices like we just finished the last bite of turkey or pumpkin pie. with anywhere between 10% and 39% off select Fender models (opens in a new tab)from the insanely popular Player series to Vintera, Classic Vibe and more, these deals really do feel like Black Friday discounts.

Now, while this sale includes regular guitars that we’re used to seeing discounted on the platform – such as the Squier Starter Packs (opens in a new tab)which are down to just $209.95 – these are the most unusual guitars we’re excited about. Not serious the other six-string is Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jag-Stang — which has a whopping $452.99 on the price tag — that made our hearts flutter.

This distorted, unbalanced gap is a cross between the Jaguar and the Mustang and comes straight from the grunge icon’s own sketches. Featuring an alder body, maple neck, 24-inch scale length, and a powerful custom Jag-Stang humbucker, this guitar is perfect for all your grunge needs.

Elsewhere on the site you will find 25% off the Fender Player Stratocaster (opens in a new tab), 15% off the P-90 loaded Fender Mustang (opens in a new tab) and 25% off Jim Root Signature Telecaster (opens in a new tab). Of course, there is much more to offer, with bass and acoustic guitars also see some healthy discounts, so be sure to check it out for yourself.

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