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12-String Electric Guitars for Sale on Reverb

When it comes time to add a little more tone to your electric guitar playing, it’s not all about the pedals. Try a 12-string electric guitar and channel the 60s jangle of the Beatles and Byrds, or the alternative sounds of REM’s Peter Buck

Popular 12-string electric guitars include several Rickenbacker options like the 360-12, but there are also many 12-string guitars from Gibson, Guild, and Fender, like the Strat-style Fender XII. Whatever style suits you best, check back here for some of the best deals on new, used, and vintage 12-string electric guitars on Reverb.

What are 12 string electric guitars?

12-string electric guitars are like standard electric guitars, but with six courses doubled. The lower four strings are tuned in octaves, while the upper two strings are simply doubled. This gives the instrument a fuller and louder sound compared to a standard six-string guitar.

How do you tune a 12 string electric guitar?

A 12-string electric guitar is tuned like a standard guitar, only in doubled courses. You can tune a 12-string electric guitar to standard tuning or to one of the many open tunings popular among guitarists.

Is playing a 12 string guitar any different? Are 12-string electric guitars harder to play?

In theory, playing a 12-string electric guitar is no different than playing a standard six-string electric guitar. However, it is more common to play the 12-string electric guitar as a rhythm instrument rather than solo or solo, but it can still be done.

12-string electric guitars are no harder to play than a standard six-string guitar. However, it may take a little while for your fingers to get used to pressing two strings at once on the 12-string electric guitar neck, and putting a 12-string electric guitar bridge back in place can take a bit of work. time compared to a six-string guitar.

12-String Electric Guitars near me

To exclusively browse 12-string electric guitars near you, check out the list of major cities and countries available on Reverb to search for a desired location. You can also view shipping details in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.


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